How to set up a BT110 device

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You can use the BuddyTalk Setup App to do basic setup, and use BT110’s web console for additional or advanced configurations.

For basic setup using the BuddyTalk Setup App, please view the BuddyTalk Setup App video for details. Please have your following items ready before you start the Setup App based basic setup process:

  1. Download the BuddyTalk Setup App from Android Play Store or Apple Store.
  2. Amazon account. Visit to create a new account if you do not have an existing Amazon account.
  3. SIP telephony account settings and credentials. You or your IT may already have them or you may obtain them from a VoIP service provider of your choosing.

Note: Your mobile phone should be on the same WiFi network as the one the BuddyTalk device will use.

Once ready, you can follow the Setup App procedure to set up your BuddyTalk device. The Setup App will guide you to:

  1. Configure basic network interfaces including the WiFi setup
  2. Perform Alexa registration
  3. Enter SIP/Telephony credentials for Telephony registration.

Please see BT110 Setup & Deployment Prerequisites and Basic Setup.  You may also download and reference the BT110 Setup Guide for the basic Setup App based setup procedure.

Note that if you are using an Android smartphone for the Setup App and have the Amazon Shopping app loaded, please log off from it prior to starting the BuddyTalk Setup App.

To use the BT110 web console for configurations, please have the user ID/PW ready.  You can find them from the label on the base of the BT110 device. You will need to get the BT110 device IP address for the web console access. To get the device IP address, please press the Flash button on the top of the device for 3 seconds.  You can also get the device IP address by dialing ‘***1’ with a POTS phone plugged into the RJ11 port of the BT110 device.


Through the BT110 web console, you will be able to do the following:

  1. System settings:
    • Change web console access user ID/PW.
    • Reboot. 
    • Restore to factory default.
    • Change Alexa settings and perform Alexa registration or logout from Alexa.
    • Upload or delete certificates and keys.
    • Backup and restore system configuration files.
  2. Telephony settings:
    • Configure telephony profiles for detailed SIP/telephony parameters and settings as well as setting up Digimaps and Digit Replacement Rules.
    • Configure telephony port settings such as entering SIP account credentials.
    • Perform line diagnostics including FEMF/HAZ testing, off-hook testing, REN testing, and resistive faults testing.
  3. Network settings:
    • Set up Ethernet and WiFi network interfaces.
    • Enter DNS server information.
    • Configure network modes such as redundant mode, dual-homed mode, and VLAN mode. 

For details, please see BT110 Web Console Setup Procedure.

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