How should I set up my BT110 device purchased with a Callcentric promotion?

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A BT110 device with the Callcentric promotion has the $10 Callcentric SIP/Telephony credentials and SIP/Telephony settings pre-configured on the device.  Therefore, the user does not need to enter the SIP/Telephone credentials manually.  However, the user still needs to visit the Callcentric web portal to redeem the $10 credit Note 1. and activate their Callcentric account. After that, the user can use the BuddyTalk Setup App (or Web GUI) to configure the BT110 device’s Wi-Fi settings and link their Amazon account to the BT110 device in order to use the Amazon Alexa Voice Service (AVS), the Alexa Communication (ACM) service, and make voice calls.  

  • The Setup sequence.  There are two steps in setting up your BT110 with a Callcentric account.

    IMPORTANT: Please ensure you activate your Callcentric Account in Step 1 below BEFORE you setup the BuddyTalk Device in Step 2

Step 1:  Activating your Callcentric SIP/Telephony account and redeem your $10 credit (no credit card needed). Please follow the steps described below.

    1. Create your new Callcentric Account by going to:
    2. After completing the sign-up form, check your email for a link to activate your account.
    3. Enter the “BuddyTalk Promo Code” at the end of this guide and a few more details to complete your activation and redeem your credit.
    4. Click the “Please activate 911 by clicking here” link, as shown below, to activate 911 Calling on your account. This step is mandatory to ensure you can use your credit.

For questions about your account or complimentary credit, please contact Callcentric at:

Callcentric offers plans starting @ $1 per month and FREE Features like Telemarketer Block, Spam Call Filter, Enhanced Voicemail & more.  For more details, please see:

Step 2: Setting up your BT110 device (configuring Wi-Fi and linking your Amazon account) using the BuddyTalk Setup App.  There are three tasks in the BT110 setup process:

    1. Setting up Wi-Fi
    2. Linking the Amazon account to the BT110 device
    3. Entering the SIP/Telephony credentials and SIP settings. Since the BT110 device already has the Callcentric SIP/Telephony credentials and SIP settings pre-configured on the device, if presented with the SIP/Telephony settings page, the user only needs to accept the settings if they intend to use the Callcentric SIP credentials.

You may also visit the following Callcentric web page for further information about setting up your BT110 device. 

Please note the following:

  • The user can also choose to change the SIP/Telephony credentials and settings (e.g., switch to other VoIP service providers).  However, if this is done, it should be noted that if the device is ever restored to its factory default state, the device’s SIP/Telephony credentials and settings will be reverted back to its original fresh-out-of-factory contents (i.e., the promotional Callcentric’s SIP/Telephony account credentials and settings) instead of being cleared.
  • In case you DID NOT follow the setup sequence (i.e., you used the BuddyTalk Setup App to set up the BT110 device prior to going to the Callcentric web portal to activate the SIP/Telephony account), the BT110 touch panel Phone LED will stay red at the end of the setup process, since the SIP account registration has not been completed successfully. 

This is since the SIP/Telephony account is not valid as the user has not gone to the Callcentric web portal to activate the SIP/Telephony account.  If this is the case, the user should:

    1. Go to the Callcentric web portal to activate the SIP/Telephony account.
    2. After the account has been activated, either power cycle the BT110 device or press the red Phone LED/button.  You should see the Phone LED go off after the device completes its boot-up sequence or a few seconds after you press the red Phone LED/button. 

If the Phone LED still stays red after you have taken the steps above, then, it is possible that the SIP/Telephony account has been blocked.  Please contact Callcentric support for help:

Note 1.  Please visit the Callcentric web portal to see the various options for applying the $10 credit to your account.  

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