Can I use the BT110 without registering to an Amazon account?

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No. The BT110 is designed to require the following basic elements:
  1. Network access
  2. Amazon registrations including Alexa Voice Service and Alexa Communication
  3. SIP/Telephony setup

If we skip the Amazon registration after the network setup and go directly to setting up your SIP/Telephony account and parameters, your device will still be treated as a fresh-out-of-factory (FooF) device. As a result, the BT110 device will automatically get into the Captive Portal (i.e., Wi-Fi Access Point) mode after booting up from device restart, awaiting to be connected by the Setup App.  You will see the Ring LED showing rotating orange and the Phone LED stays red after device boot-up.  The rotating orange Ring LED indicates that the device is in the Captive Portal mode, and the red Phone LED indicates that the device has not completed Alexa Communication registration, or the SIP/Telephony registration, or both.  

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