BT110 – An ideal work-from-home voice solution

  • Seamlessly connect to your office phone system as an office extension
  • Call using voice commands or mobile app without user explicitly inserting PBX prefixes
  • Provide speakerphone mode and mobile phone or analog phone based Private mode
  • Deliver exceptional voice quality for inbound and outbound calls  
  • Enjoy a broad suite of Alexa virtual assistant features
Alexa built-in

Seamlessly connect to your office phone system, call by voice, and enjoy the rich set of Alexa features

Calling by voice to an extension, a contact, or a number, by Mobile App, or using a POTS phone, accommodating IP-PBX prefixes rules
Smart speaker with Alexa built-in for your favorite Alexa features – Alexa questions & commands, timers, reminders, news briefing, and IoT control 

Switching effortlessly between convenient speakerphone mode and added privacy smartphone/analog phone based Private mode 

Private voice mode using analog phone 
Private voice mode using mobile phone 
Additional benefit – House wiring support
  • Intra-building lightning protection
  • Extends use of calling with BuddyTalk device to a phone in another room in the home

BT110 – An ideal voice solution for Work from Home

Key objectives:

    1. Seamlessly connected to the office phone system
    2. User friendly voice call control accommodating PBX calling prefixes
    3. Convenient hands-free speakphone mode and mobile phone private voice mode
    4. Enjoying a broad suite of Alexa virtual assistant features

As a remote worker working from home, it is important to be able to connect seamlessly to the office phone system and appear as an IP-phone extension – to call your coworkers via extension numbers, and make and receive external calls. Furthermore, it is highly desirable to be able to manage calls naturally using voice commands without being affected by the office PBX prefix dialing plan (e.g., Alexa, call 3319.‘, Alexa, call Christina Johnson.’, and ‘Alexa, call 1-408-555-1212.’).  The BuddyTalk BT110 uniquely delivers these highly desirable objectives through a collection of embedded technologies/utilities: Telephony option settings, OpenVPN client, Digit Translation Rules, as well as its built-in Alexa Communication module. 

Working from home, you can certainly make use of the convenience of hands-free speakerphone for voice calling, yet at times would prefer to conduct phone conversations using a mobile phone or a POTS phone for privacy.  Through its finely tuned acoustic design and advanced audio processing, the BuddyTalk BT110 delivers superior voice quality hands-free speakerphone mode.  Additionally, through the companion BuddyTalk Mobile App and its Phone (RJ11) interface, the BuddyTalk BT110’s user can switch effortlessly between the speakerphone mode and mobile phone or POTS phone based private mode mode. 

While connected to the office phone system, it will be a great added bonus to enjoy the Alexa virtual assistant services and features (‘Alexa, turn on the kitchen light.‘, ‘Alexa, remind me to call Steven at 11.‘)Being Alexa Voice Service (AVS) certified, the BuddyTalk BT110 brings you a broad range of AVS smartspeaker features such as standard Alexa questions & commands, timers, alarms, reminders, and voice-enabled control of AVS-supported IoT devices. 

The BuddyTalk BT110 is your ideal and indispensable voice communication solution when working from home.

See How to setup BT110 for work from home.

Note 1: Please visit Callcentric web portal to activate the SIP/Telephony account first before setting up the BT110 device. Also see the Callcentric BT110 Wiki page for additional BT110 setup information.
​Note 2: Get a FREE $10.00 credit when signing up with and making your very first deposit. The 1,000 minutes is an estimation based on the average outbound termination rate of in U.S. 48. All details and restrictions can be found in the flyer included in the product box.
Note 3: See the BT110 Wiki page for setting up a account on the BT110 device.